Pentagon Assesses Global Warming-related Threats

the Pentagon is being ordered by Congress to study threats that arise out of global warming. This is a bi-partisan mandate. It presumably starts from the Pentagon, who has been warning the White House for years of the potential effects of global warming.

I wish I knew the voting on this measure. I think this puts the ideological Right in an awkward position. On the one hand, they know global warming is a myth. On the other hand, the military should never be questioned. But if the military says global warming is real… what to do, what to do? How does a right-winger reconcile those beliefs?

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3 thoughts on “Pentagon Assesses Global Warming-related Threats”

  1. They’ll just claim that the pentagon is caving to the will of the Obama administration.
    You’ll notice that Gates seems to be pushing for the repeal of DADT which puts the ‘right’ in a similar position.
    They’ll simply break it down and trash the particular individuals.
    The military is GOD!
    The Pentagon is government.
    All members of the military (current or former) who support such ideas are just traitors or fools or something.

    Look at how they treat Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga.
    The man actually served in the Army, which is more than most right-wingers seem to be able to say (Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, Malkin, Beck, Bill O etc.) but, somehow, his service doesn’t matter because he’s obviously some pinko wimp who doesn’t know anything about REAL service.

    When your entire reason to exist becomes threatened, you simply change the rules arbitrarily in order to keep that reason sound. Its actually a pretty decent indicator of mental illness. There’s always a “them”, “them” might have a name (aliens, liberals, blacks, the illuminati) or not, but “they” are the ones conducting the persecution, who are constantly undermining whatever goals.

    Mexicans (“they”) are taking all the american jobs!
    Do you want to pick fruit for 8 hours a day?
    Then how does that…

    Liberals are trying to crush free speech!
    But didn’t Bush keep dissenters from being able to even get into his appearances?

    Atheists are forcing christians into hiding!
    But aren’t virtually all politicians Christian or jewish?

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