Gonzales is Gone

There’s a wide river of pundits who like to bleat about bipartisanship, as if the Democrats are being rude by defying the president every now and often. But one of the most shocking things about this administration is the extent that they corrupted non-partisan institutions and made them partisan. They have continuously put politics over policy at FEMA, CDC, NIH, NASA, EOC, and just about any other government organization you can think of. They have consistenly concluded that such concepts as the right to free speech, the right to organize, the right to a fair trail and due process of law, and other core concepts of our country are disposable privileges, to be thrown out whenever inconvenient, on their own authority.

To whatever degree Gonzales’s departure changes this, hooray. Many roads on many scandals lead through the Justice Department, one can only hope that this change will blow a cleansing wind through it.

Update: I thought this was a good take.

Running on Empty

I got nothing to talk about. Links of Interest coming tomorrow.

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Oh heck, here’s one link to keep you happy. A fun webcomic for the graphic fans.

Who Likes These?

Is it too much to ask to just have paper towels? In the last few years, I’ve seen more crazy gizmos to dispense drying materials than I thought possible. Here’s the latest atrocity I have to deal with:

It’s motion sensitive see. So you have to wave your hand a couple times until it sees you, and spits out a carefully measured piece of paper. Carefully measured to not be enough, so you have to repeat.

Then there’s the kind that you have to grip with both hands on each side, but not too hard and pull but not too hard and not too soft. Or the kind you push a lever to get the carefully measured not enough towel. Or the one with the navigation wheel of death control on the side in case the main control isn’t working, which as of this writing, it never has.

The odd thing is that I don’t anyone who likes these. Everyone would rather just have some paper towels. And yet these pop up all over the place. So who makes the decision? What person sits back and thinks, “I hate these. My friends hate these. My coworkers hate these. You know what, I’m going for it. Let’s put them in!”

Who likes these?

Does This Work?

I had never really thought about it. But then I did. On this exit, the Perimeter Mall Food Court paid good money to announce their existence to tens of thousands of commuters every day. But who is biting?


“Sandy, we’ve been driving for six hours, time for a break. I’m sick of all the decent places we eat. Let’s take the kids to some absolute fast food pit. Preferably at a mall that takes thirty minutes to park your car, yeah some kind of — hey, look at that sign! There’s a food court! Let’s take this exit!”

“Darn it! I was supposed to meet Willy at the Food Court, and I can’t find it. Where do you suppose it could — hey, look at that sign! There it is!”

I wonder if they’ve ever really converted anyone due to that marketing. Oh, and the restaurant in the lower left panel is right next to the food court, so they already get spillover traffic from that.

On the other hand, my wife thinks it’s really weird that McKendricks, a high-end steak house is up there also. “Boy, I could sure use a bite. Hey, look at that sign! Want to blow $150 on dinner?” True, but they only need to convert a few people to make their money back, the Food Court has to move an awful lot of popcorn chicken to get some ROI.

My wife also thinks it’s weird that I took the picture while driving. How else was I going to?

Boston Sports: Back Again

Suddenly, I’m excited about sports again. This is the worst part of the year for me. No football. No basketball. Only baseball, a borderline sport at best.

But what’s this? The dynastical Patriots loading up on talent? Clearly strong contenders for the Super Bowl, o yez.

And what’s this? The Celtics suddenly have Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett — let me repeat that Kevin Garnett!? Suddenly contenders to win it all.

Oh, I can’t wait for real sports to begin again!