LinkedIn Abuse

I just removed my first connection from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not Facebook. I do not need to be informed when you are traveling to Puerto Rico, Augusta, or the bathroom. I don’t need to know about the endless societies you are joining. It’s for professional and career updates. You haven’t had one of those this year but you told everyone you were traveling to Vermont. You’re out!

Links o’ Interest

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Incredible one-shot lip dub with a whole high school. And it’s filmed backwards!

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That’s sad.

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Great best man prank, a twitter feed every time the newlyweds go at it.

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The human cost of unemployment, a photo story.

Checkbox raindrops

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Neato video

NBA player ties shoes during a live play, holding the ball. Not one Bull tries to steal the ball.

A mathematically correct breakfast of linked bagel halves. I can’t wait to try this.

Racetrack stoopers

Links o’ Interest

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The earth with rings. The cool part starts at 1:00

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Do Re Mi

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Um, that’s not what really happened

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Maybe putting social tagging on out customer support site wasn’t such a good idea

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Dinosaur t-shirts. My favorite one.

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My dad is.. Charles Manson?

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takes a support call

Neil Young with a groundbreaking classic

The space shuttle at the exact second it breaks the sound barrier