Laundry Machines are a Great Deal

Both our washer and dryer broke this month. We quickly figured out the new ones we wanted. Because the memorial day sales were coming up, we decided to wait a week. I brought a weeks of laundry to the laundromat. We had 38 pounds of laundry, and it costs $34 to get it cleaned at the laundromat.

The new washer and dryer cost $850. ($740 for the units, plus tax and hoses and whatnot.). $34 divided into that is 25. In other words, the new washer and dryer pay for themselves in less than six months. That’s pretty damn good!

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Another Innumerate Sportswriter

Howard Beck get the idiot of the month award for this column. It is about how likely LeBron is to end up on which team. The reasoning is fairly good, but then he makes the mistakes of actually putting in numbers.

Knicks: 40%
Bulls : 75%
Nets: 40%
Heat: 30%
Cavs: 60%

That adds up to 245%. As great as LeBron James is, he can’t play for more than one team at a time. Howard, you’re a moron.

I guess I’m not the first person to call him out on this. I was working from the print edition. The online version has different numbers.
Knicks: 3-1 (25%)
Bulls : 2-3 (60%)
Nets: 5-1 (17%)
Heat: 7-1 (13%)
Cavs: 5-7 (59%)
Which adds up to only 175% or so. That’s quite an improvement!

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Celtics in the Playoffs Update

Against expectations, The Celtics took one from the Cavaliers yesterday, on their home court. The boys in green now hold home court advantage.

Obviously, the huge factor is that LeBron’s elbow is bothering him so much. It goes without saying that their team is LeBron and a bunch of guys. The Celtics may not be able to beat The Cavaliers, but we can beat a bunch of guys at any time.

Other things going for us:
a) Rondo is amazing. Here’s a very small ferinstance. Glen “Big Baby” Davis steals the ball with an all-out effort. He runs down the floor with the ball, then drops it off for Rondo behind him. At that exact second I thought, “Rondo is going to get the ball back to Davis for an easy two. I don’t know how, especially since their whole team knows it, but he will.” Sure enough, Rondo drove and somehow slipped the ball back to Davis for an easy two. Rondo rewards the big men for running, every time.
b) The Celtics are healthier than they’ve been in months. Garnett looks like a deer out there, hopping around and jumping all over the place. Pierce isn’t playing that great, but he has the energy that’s been missing. Allen is a killer. Not only is he scoring consistent points, but he’s doing it efficiently.
c) Wallace? Rasheed Wallace? Sports Guy nailed him exactly. Wallace has sucked this year. Sucked to an incredible degree. I can’t count how many times I’ve yelled at the tv or snorted in disgusted. Last night, he was great. I’m not greedy, I don’t need him to be great. I just need him to not suck. Can you do that for me Sheed?
d) LeBron is injured. More important than any of this.

I will say this. If the Cavs get knocked out, LeBron will be downright suicidal. How much more can one man do? If they get knocked out due to a freak injury, that will be very sad for him.