Links o’ Interest

Texts from Hillary. Hilarious. She is cool about it. Her husband does not inspire the same reaction, but c’mon Obama, did you have to take it out on Stephen. But ya gotta love him, 218 reasons to vote for Obama, from Forbes.

O no! Tony!

Harry Potter, with the save

Lost phone

Honest t-shirt

Scooby don’t

Let me get that for you

Roommate thieves?

Oh no he didn’t!

There’s the guy Daddy!

Automobile polo, from the good ol’ days

Scare yourself every day – 365 days of doing something that scares you.

The end of the world

That’s not snow. That’s spiderwebs.

Honestly false advertising

Truth is laid on Batman

Texts from dog. Brilliant.

Ethan Albright’s letter to John Madden

Wind conditions