Links o’ Interest

Wonderful pictures from the first half of 2012

Powerball simulator. Pretty sobering. I ran it for a couple hundred years before moving on.

What newcomers to America find incredible

How the human face is formed. Animation inside the womb, amazing.

Conversation with my 12-year old self

Jesus on homesexuality

Real life Wall-E

How to get work done

Where did you get those coats?

Tweets from the Universe

Who wants free stuff? On Romney’s sad perspective

A 5-minute video, explaining how humans are wired to seek pleasure. Not quite what you would expect.

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra’s burger recipes

Shell loses control of its social campaign

Hugo is truly an amazing movie.

There is nothing as precious as a baby’s first steps


Decision Making

Great footage of bass playing, strings in action


The Invader

Brotherly love