I Saved a Life Today

Last week, I was checking in on Clash of Clans. In my clans chat, there was a note from a girl who said “Is anyone there?”, “I need advice”. I asked her what she needed. I assumed it was the usual, should I upgrade a tesla or an archer tower, etc. But no, she said she had eaten some strange food. She was having trouble breathing, and there were red areas appearing on her skin, what should she do? I wrote back for her to call 911 or poison control. She started typing something else, I told her to stop typing and call now.

Four hours later, she came back on. She had tried shellfish for the first time and had a severe allergic reaction. Epipens and ambulances and everything. Wow.

Which leads to the more pressing question. Even for a 17-year old girl, even in this age of social media — why on earth would she be asking for help on a Clash of Clans chat window? Ask your best friend, call your parents, a teacher or doctor, don’t turn for help to a bunch of strangers online! Holy cow, there were only four responsible adults in our clan, it was lucky for her that I happened to log in.

Still… saving a life… that’s one for my side on Judgment Day I suppose.