The Lion King: Plot Point

We watched The Lion King on Broadway last night. It was exactly as good as advertised. The costume and set design was incredible.

It also reminded me of one of my annoyances with the plot. Nala is a better fighter than Simba. She pins them when they are children and then pins him again as an adult. Why doesn’t Simba have her fight Scar!? Let’s face it, he stinks at it. In the whole story, he never beats anyone at fighting! Nala should have done the dirty work.


Mrs. Muttrox also points out, where are the other male lions? Besides Simba’s family, there are no males at all in the whole pride!

I also wonder if Scar goes up to the stars like the other kings. All the lion kings are supposed to be there, and Scar was a king. Maybe Simba and Nala’s kids will turn to Scar for advice. Ooo, that’s the plot to the sequel!