Links o’ Interest

Muttroxia says I’m not quite dead yet…

Joe Biden cracks up at the idea of Sarah Palin beating Obama.

And they say smoking isn’t cool. That’s cool.

Texas mailbox

Bruce Lee playing ping-pong. With nunchuks! Mindblowing.

Kids just ruin those special moments

Conan O’Brien – He does his own stunts

Objectified: He and his 5-year-old son Max, along with a few friends, made a homemade spacecraft out of a Thai food takeout container, outfitted it with an HD video camera and an iPhone, and a few weeks ago used a weather balloon to launch it into the stratosphere.

Is this considered irony?

Measuring in Hitlers

Nice comeback

Political advertising from the 1800s.

No pain, no gain.

Little Billy’s letters

Designers notes to potential client (lovely)

The 2010 Darwin Awards. This one actually has video of the death. Amazing although disturbing.


They found Waldo!

Amazing carnival basketball player

The god of cake

Acid is so much fun

The world’s biggest climbing wall

Celtics fan with over-the-top dance-along to Bon Jovi

Now this is a great trick play (football)

Collection of links of people getting more than they bargained for

Naked Grandma was the first thing you thought of!?

Frankie Muniz burn

The Genie wish

The wedding day has finally come

Two years in prison

Why Atomic Robo hates Mr. Dinosaur

Interesting facts about Prohibition

15 story building built in 48 hours.