Links o’ Interest

Too much awesome in this 2011 compilation

Warren Buffett explains gold investing. As always, incredibly clear and insightful.

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A neat cover of Everlong, one of my favorite songs evah.

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Kevin Garnett is even better than you think.

This is a very good article on how analytics are used in the NBA. Fans of Moneyball will especially enjoy it.

An economist named David Berri, citing a stat he created called Wins Produced, which boils down a player’s positive and negative contributions into one number, went so far as to argue that KG was the NBA’s best player in every season from 2002-03 to 2005-06.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the ESPN analytics issue.

False Advertising at Caear’s Palace

I’m a simple man. I like to use soap. Not hand lotion or body lotion or whatever trendy people call the stuff, I just want ordinary soap. So I was confused by Caesar’s Palace. They had both a skincare bar and a cleansing bar.


Which one was the soap? Come to think of it, what’s the difference between a skincare bar and a cleansing bar? I turned them over to see if there were any clues.


They’re the same thing! The list of ingredients is the exact same thing for both! How wonderful! Caesar’s Palace, handed packaging the exact same thing with two different product names. Hey, Caesar. How about you quit messing around and just put out a bar of soap? And maybe some shaving cream while you’re at it.

Links o’ Interest

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Geeks vs. Non-Geeks. Very true.

Incredible bike “accident” in Brazil. Commentary.

5 top deathbed regrets. Powerful.

Wait until you see it

Makers of Xbox threaten mass suicide over working conditions.

Weightless cats!

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Can’t wait for this movie.

If you’ve ever sold anything on Craigslist you can sympathize.

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Super Bowl Bets

I love being in Las Vegas! Lots of action riding tonight. Here are the bets I have riding on today’s game.

  • Pats to win (straight up moneyline)
  • Pats to have five or less penalties
  • The under (54 points)
  • Eli will pass for less than 303 yards
  • More second half points than first half points. I like this one.
  • The last score will not be a touchdown

The best bets are the crazy ones!

  • Ben Jarvis Green Ellis will have more rushing yards than LeBron James has points+rebounds+steals. I think I took the wrong side of this one.
  • Victor Cruz and Aaron Hernandez will have more total passing yards than points scored in the Duke Miami game. Love it!

Mrs. Muttrox is also betting the Pats win by 8 or more and that the Pats score first. I have several squares in a $10 game, and we are introducing the kids to it tonight with a ten-cent version. This is wasted money for me, as I am a statistical freak in squares, having never one a dime despite buying 10-15% of squares in ~20 different games.

What’s that? What is Muttrox’s prediction. I refuse to make one!

Poker Update

I always win at the casino. Despite my lackluster success the last couple years in home games, I never lose for real money in a real setting. Today was a personal best. Playing an hour and half at 1-3 no limit, I ended up $525. Oh yeah, baby!

Why do I win in the ‘real’ world? I think it’s because I play conservative. I just don’t play bad hands. I’ll stare into space for as long as it takes to get starting hands. I bluff rarely, and only I’ve already established a table image as a very tight player.

Tonight I played well, and I got lucky. The second hand I had pocket kings, which led to $80 profit. Twenty minutes later my suited A-9 caught the nut flush on the river.

It was time to leave. The Celtics* game had just ended. I would play one or more two hands and call it a night. One fellow who liked to straddle did it again. I had taken him three out of four big hands already. I figured I’d try a bluff, and raised it up even with a lousy 10-2 of hearts. He called. Dang! Fortunately the flop was three hearts. He had flopped a set, and we were soon all in against each other. That one hand made me over $300.

Ah. Feels good!

* I couldn’t bet on the Celtics. It turns out that Caesar’s Palace actually owns a piece of the Celtics, so can’t take action. Just as well, they won but didn’t cover the spread.