Links o’ Interest

Welcome back to the blog! As a reward, you get a big batch of links.

World Cup: Traffic during USA Germany game

Ten brands to rule them all

Skydiver almost hit by meteorite

Oh my god

Alex Trebek makes a funny

I wish this didn’t make me laugh

Kafka’s joke book

That is a wonderful wedding cake

You can make a Buckinghams Palace guard smile. What makes it even better is the guys name is Yankel.

Donald Sterling at his best



Which Harry Potter character are you?


Fathers Day win

Funny baby bib

The Spongebob theme song is terrifying when played slowly

All hail the champion

Beach messages are temporary… a beautiful one in the sands.

The search for the end of TGIF endless appetizers

Joaquin Phoenix’s Forehead (rotated). Hypnotic.

John Cleese’s response to a young fan, and Michael Palin’s followup

Serious links:
Animals you didn’t know existed

Why the Meyers Briggs test is a waste of everyone’s time

The wreck of the Santa Maria has been found
Why you shouldn’t be in left lane driving slow and also driving me out my mind.

The correct way to dry your hands, with only one paper towel. I have adopted his methods. They work. Most impactful Ted talk yet.

My Latest Favorite Song #11

I read Mick Fleetwood’s autobiography. I’ve always loved Rhiannon, and hearing the back story and how they used to do it live got me curious. They were awesome at it. Just awesome. Watch the video below, particularly around 2:30 when the dynamics and jam start up.

Here’s a couple other good versions:

Didi Benami shows the good side of American Idol

This girl shows the bad side. Uch.

I’ve never heard of Brooke White, but I’m going to keep my eye out for her now.

And of course the official studio version.