Poker Update

Some days you play everything right and still lose. That’s how it goes. I had stolen pots, I had limped in and gotten sets, I had made tough folds, I had played tight, I read the odds and the hands, but it didn’t matter.

I was dealt Qd-8d in the big blind, blinds at 150-300. All the blinds called to me, and I limped in. The flop was Ac-7d-4d. I had four to a flush and not much else. The small blind (to my left) raised it to 600. I though the odds were still good (600 into a 1800 pot) and he’s been known to bluff all the way. The turn was Ad. I had my flush. Not only that, it was close to the nut flush. The only thing that could beat me was if he had the Kd and another diamond or hit a another diamond on the river. He put in 1200. I didn’t have to think much before going all-in with my last 2900. I didn’t want to give him a chance to draw for a 5th diamond. He called and turned over a pair of 7s. The dirty rascal had a full house, 7s over Aces. I never even saw of the possibility. Not that it would have mattered, I would have played it the exact same way.

That knocked me down to 550, not even twice the big blind. I went all-in with Ah-Jh. I did not connect, and got knocked out by Mrs. Muttrox.

Yep, the wife came along last night. She played pretty well for someone in their second game. I had trained her how to play tight, and she did. We were comparing notes afterwards. She said she was concentrating so hard that if anyone had bothered to look they would have seen her mouthing “king and a ten” as she tried to figure out her hand and what to do!

Tonight: $-10
Running Total: $709

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