Links o’ Interest

99 things you should have seen on the internet already.

Sure to be a 2009 Darwin nominee

Amazing animation: voodoo doll martyr

Firefighter inhales cat

Wow. Robotic chair reassembles itself

Lawyer of class action suit paid in gift cards. Fitting, I hope this catches on.

Another reason I like being Jewish.

Lord of the Rings fan film – exploring a funny plothole.

On presidents day, we must remember George Washington’s greatness.

Funny editorial cartoon

I don’t understand what this train picture is about, but it’s about ten feet.

The past future of advertising

Titanic Fail

Now that’s a poncho ad

Fine art

Another reason to be in first class

Is this really the kind of thing campus police should be on alert for?

How not to fail at life and girls

“All I can think of is Lisa Simpson and fellatio”

Good: double amputee gets prosthetic legs so she can walk. Better: double amputee gets mermaid tail

This is why you’re fat

Fixed it for ya

15 Yearbook photos of US Politicians.

A peculiar want ad

Yo Dawg… this really cracks me up for some reason

Has your credit card been stolen?

Top 10 job seeking tools

The downside of Skype

Slow news day in Raleigh

Correlating music and SAT scores

The growth of Walmart

The formula that killed Wall Street and your 401(k).

New York Time stock is cheaper than the newspaper

Very strong magnets

Insightful commentary on the stimulus bill

Understanding the financial crisis: The two cows version

Police tell boy to lay down in street or get Tasered. He does. He’s run over and killed by a car.

15 companies that might not make it through 2009. Blockbuster, Krispy Kreme,…and Muzak filed for Chapter 11

One more reason to despise Saudi Arabia, the real 9/11 perpetrators.

Incredible. Dust storm footage in Australia

Guess which country, alone in the industrialized world, has not faced a single bank failure, calls for bailouts or government intervention in the financial or mortgage sectors. Yup, it’s Canada.

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  1. Sometimes I think that sanity will never come to the islamic world and that the only way any of this will stop is with an appropriate application of ammunition.
    Though I know that won’t work either.

    Honestly, I’ve had it up to here with islam

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