More on Paper Towels

One of my many pet peeves is advanced paper towel dispensers that make it harder to dry your hands.

At a recent lunch outing, the dispenser had a big push button to get the paper towel. I pressed the button. I am right now looking at this piece of paper towel. It has a length of an inch and half. It fits in my wallet! How can anyone dry themselves with 10 square inches of paper towel?

2 thoughts on “More on Paper Towels”

  1. Use less water to wash you hands and you will solve two enviromental issues!! Complicated problems often have easy solutions. Also Muttrox might want to comment on any literatrye supporting the need to wash your hands after urinating. Afterall urine is sterile and I think the surronding skin flora is not different from other exposed sites in the body- unless one is too close to an adjacent orifice. Now this is thinking outside the box,although it amy all be wrong
    In Economics this might be considered-loosely-as a case of creative destruction,although I do not know what is creative about it and what you all are destroying

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