Boston Sports: Back Again

Suddenly, I’m excited about sports again. This is the worst part of the year for me. No football. No basketball. Only baseball, a borderline sport at best.

But what’s this? The dynastical Patriots loading up on talent? Clearly strong contenders for the Super Bowl, o yez.

And what’s this? The Celtics suddenly have Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett — let me repeat that Kevin Garnett!? Suddenly contenders to win it all.

Oh, I can’t wait for real sports to begin again!

6 thoughts on “Boston Sports: Back Again”

  1. Ainge went 136-90 (.602 winning percentage) in the regular season and 3-9 in the playoffs, 0-3 in series. Very good??? They fired him 20 games into the next season … and they really suffered without his guidance, going 53-29 and beat the defending champion Spurs in the 1st round, before bowing out to the eventual champion Lakers in the 2nd round. Of course, I’m biased, with memories of that bratty little pip squeak riding the coattails of his HOF team to multiple championships.

    The Celtics look like a serious force this year. Hell, Garnett by himself could make the T-Wolves a decent team, in a much better conference. They’ve got to be licking their chops over the prospects of feasting on the scrubs within the East — I mean, LeBron is LeBron, but this team could kick the Cavs collective ass. Clear sailing to the finals (barring injury, of course), where it gets a little dicier, but you’ve got a long time to worry about that.

  2. How about, Danny Ainge was a very good coach, will you buy that? The Suns did very well under both him and Westphal and then were never heard from again for a decade.

    The Garnett deal is amazing. Pierce/Allen/Garnett… after that you can play with CBA pickups and a retarded coach and you’re a contender. It’s FAN-tastic!

  3. In general, Danny Ainge is a little bitch. He has redeemed an otherwise miserable tenure with the Garnett deal, which is strong. Celts are easily top 4 in the conference now. Better hope all those old knees hold up…

  4. Ainge was a “great” coach? Aren’t we throwing around the word “great” a bit too easily here? If Ainge qualifies as great, then the group of great coaches is a little crowded.

  5. I have no idea how that Ainge/Rollins myth persists. Not only that, he was a great coach for the Suns and got shafted when they dropped him.

  6. And the Red Sox trades for Gagne too. Been in the Bay Area for 11 years with the pitiful Warriors; and with the Celts being not very competitive for so long and not being on national TV where I can watch, I found myself getting more excited about the Warriors than Celts which is really pathetic because the Warriors have actually be worst than the Celts. Oh yeah, Garnett/Allen/Pierce! And no, Danny Ainge did not bite Tree Rollins.

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