Links o’ Interest

Arrested Development is back! Season 4 Trailer!

Save the Date

Perspective on Lance Armstrong

Shake your head. Wow.

Cute girl imitates her Celtics Dad

Only 63% of America is working. What are the rest doing?

The oddly terrifying laughing without smiling

Hey Jude in a minor key. These are fascinating. Now it’s melancholy, but still great.

“Here comes the pizza!” – the whole saga

This obituary made me smile and tear up at the same time. This one was interesting in a very different way.

Trying out the virtual roller coaster

Asia’s population

The Durham train trestle – undefeated after 100 years.

Parks and Recreation outtake

Twin engineers at work

Oh Florida… mugshots.

Passengers reacting to acceleration

Dedication page. So true.

A wonderful review of the renowned Dan Brown’s acclaimed new book.

Intelligent life

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