Links o’ Interest

5-second films

Jump Man – A fantastic time lapse project

The McBain snippets from The Simpsons, shown in order, actually make a coherent story

More random old celebrity pictures

Great beer ad

Missing woman searches for herself

Carnival ringer – wins all the prizes and gives them away.

Support for Dad at the end of a marathon

Michelle Bachmann told so many lies, the fact-checkers just stopped after a while.

33 infomercial characters who need to get it together

Great photo of Antarctica. The black patches are emperor penguins.

Lesser known paradoxes


Honoring our fighting sailors

Time heals all wounds

Blue and green spirals are the same color. That is incredible.

Quarterbacks on Facebook. And here’s Part Two

NFL Fans are the best

The Milky Way, picture taken from Australia

Life in Hell finally wraps it up

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