Links o’ Interest

Don’t make me sing!

Zach get out-Zach’d. You know about Between Two Ferns, right?

Is the NBA just millionaires vs billionaires? Did you know that 60% of NBA players declare bankruptcy within five years of retirement?

A whole section for this!?

Tom Hanks vs The Fonz.

A batch of great old photos. And some more.

Joker & Lex

The Declining Hotness of Flight Attendants

Boy balances ball on fountain

Baby doesn’t understand why their magazine doesn’t work (like an IPad)

I love leaves so much!!

The truth behind Garfield.

Not today…

I have to agree with this sentiment.

Great Halloween pumpkin

On religion’s place in US History

How to present to Jeff Bezos at Amazon

Fan dressed as referee stops game, fights break out

How to announce a vacation trip

How to make money off your viral video

Such is life

A few Occupy Wall Street related links (which Muttroxia supports):
Bill Maher explains why Occupy Wall Street will win

Ken Jennings on the 99%

Where are you in the seven billion people on earth?

Here’s what the “99%” are mad about.

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