Links o’ Interest

Selections from HP Lovecraft’s brief tenure as Whitman’s sampler copywriter

Slowmotion bitchslap

I’ve been thinking… I’m the man of this house, so

Remember Danny Alamonte, the “12-year old” pitcher in Little League World Series? Here’s a sweet story of baseball karma.

Cheating (funny)

Can this be true? Grazing cattle align north-south.

Dial-A-Human: The codes to get a human in those automated phone systems.

10 Top Referee Attacks

What body parts are mentioned in music? (Interactive, by genre)

It’s the end of the world. Warning label on Peanut Butter that “Allergens: Contains peanuts.” (Detailed labeling.)

Who was the best athlete Phil Jackson ever coached?

If adults were subjected to the same indignities as children

Mythbusters draws a Mona Lisa in 80 milliseconds with paintballs.

Things to say during sex

Harrison Ford adlibs (ESB = Empire Strikes Back)

Worst help desk ticket

LBJ and civil rights (remeberances of Richard Caro)

A funny McCain ad.

It’s a political partay!

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