Poker Update #6

Lordy, that was just awful. Playing from behind almost the whole night, I was knocked out after only 90 minutes. And I was 5th out 8, it was a brutal table. I’ve never seen so many high hands. Almost every pot was won by trips or better. One guy in particular got incredible hands the whole time. Three times he had trips after the flop, each time taking huge pots from people with two pair. Once he had the nut flush, taking out pocket aces. He got a miracle straight. Those are just the ones he showed, he had so many chips he could bully every one around.

I managed to work my way back to an average stack. I had K-Q. Flop was Q-J-x. I went all in, I was called with A-10. A King came up. I had two pair but he got the straight, so I was knocked out. Sigh. Frustrating to go all in with best hand and get a bad beat, the same thing happened last week.

Tonight: $-20
Overall: $-34

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