Mystery Guest

Once in a while, Mrs. Muttrox and I get ourselves a cheap meal by serving as Mystery Guests. We dine anonymously, answer questions about the meal, and get reimbursed most of the cost. The price is right, and it’s fun. We haven’t done it for a long time, because the surveys are such a pain. Last week we did it for the first time in three years. I whipped through the survey in ten minutes. I thought I had remembered everything that happened, I was ready for anything. Except these.

85. If you stepped away from the table at any point in your dining experience, when you returned, was your napkin neatly folded in front of you?

89. If you paid with a credit card, did the server say your name upon returning your card to you?

Really? Uh… I’m going to pass. One made up answer, coming up.

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