Did you know John Mayer Rocks?

You might not know that John Mayer rocks. After all, he made his reputation from a solid string of wishy washy nothing songs. On his breakthrough album, Songs for Pussies, every song sounded the exact same. True story: For our first child’s birth, I bought this album so we’d have music to play during the delivery that my wife liked. When it first went on, she gave a big grin and squealed at how thoughtful I was. Five songs in, she suddenly sat up in bed and yelled, “Turn this crap off! Find me something that rocks to distract me from this pain!” I gratefully put on some Aerosmith.

Yet, John Mayer is an absolute monster. If you get a chance to see him live, do it. We saw him a couple months back. The first two songs were exactly what I dreaded, mid-range acoustic ballads. But when those were over, he threw away the acoustic, picked up an electric and went nuts. For the next 90 minutes, he shredded and shredded. The songs are so-so. His voice is boring. His patter is annoying. But boy can he play. Every song featured extended solos that he ripped to pieces. It’s the closest thing to Stevie Ray Vaughn I’ll ever see, with a healthy dose of Clapton thrown in. If he would release those songs, he’d be a rock star instead of a pop star.

Here’s some good acoustic stuff.

2 thoughts on “Did you know John Mayer Rocks?”

  1. OK, I laughed for a few minutes at the album title. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this guy is bad ass. He can really, really play. His set on Austin City Limits the other night (google that) was just incredible. Finished with a 10 minute version of Gravity that had two of the most incredible guitar solos I’ve heard in some time. One truly amazing musician who needs to start recording more live stuff. The studio completely pussifies him. BTW, he was great on Chappelle’s Show. If this code doesn’t work, fix it…it’s awesome:

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