I’m going to try and start writing again. Politics just depresses the hell out of me these days, and I’m running out of ‘silly’ topics.

Having a newborn makes it hard to write. We’re coming out of the hardest stretch, hopefully I’ll have a little more time to compose for this.

2 thoughts on “Back?”

  1. That’s one great newborn. Bride of Muttrox handed him off to me and not 30 seconds later he let loose a methane bomb of which daddy would have been proud.

  2. Your loyal fans are still here waiting for more words of wisdom, amusing anecdotes, and entries about “nothing”.

    You sound in despair in your last post about the state of the country after 5 years of Bush. This sounds like a sleep-deprived father of two, who has to get up in the middle of the night to rock a baby to sleep while watching 3am reruns of Hannity and Colmes. Hang in there, Muttrox, let’s start by taking back the House in ’06.

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